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Letting PEOPLE Go

I’ve recently been hearing a lot of chatter from people about their inability or avoidance of letting people go. Whether this be from grief of

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Case Study: Motivation

Case Study: Female in her 70s Issues: Motivation, Impatience, Guilt, Lost Spark Habits to Install: Enjoy being with husband again instead of getting irritated as

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Case Study – Weight

Case Study: Female in her 70s Issues: Weight issue, self-esteem, PTSD, guilt, motivation Last time @ ideal weight/size/shape: Size 9-12 @ age 23.  Trigger Foods:

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2022: Year of Compassion?

Boy, am I glad 2021 is behind me! Anyone else feel that way? If 2020 was my best year yet, 2021 was a total shitshow! Ever have one of those years where it feels like nothing goes the way you intended? That was me last year. And I admit I let it drag me down into low energy fields and get the best of me…EVEN THOUGH I KNOW BETTER! Gahh. When my husband and I rang in the new year watching fireworks (from a warm bed), I breathed a sigh of relief. See, I’ve had it in my head for several weeks now that 12:01am January 1, 2022 would be an opportunity to hit that reset button. I asked my family and friends for grace and patience with me. Just let me have til the end of the year unmolested and then I promise I will pull myself out of my funk and get my shit together. Some people consented and honored my request (sometimes pleas!) and some people didn’t. Guess that’s a life lesson for each of us. When you see someone going through a hard time, what is your natural response? I suppose that depends on how you’ve been treated at the other end of it. Naturally, if you’re going through a rough patch and someone says they are there to help however you need it, the logical response is to tell them exactly HOW they can help out. Do you need something physical or material? Do you need someone to listen to you? Advise you? Do you just need a hug or a shoulder to lean on from time to time? Do you just need to be left alone until you come out from your shell? These are all valid and unique to you. There is no

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