New Horizons Life Therapy

Case Study: Motivation

Case Study: Female in her 70s

Issues: Motivation, Impatience, Guilt, Lost Spark

Habits to Install: Enjoy being with husband again instead of getting irritated as a caregiver, get her spark back so she can get a lot of projects done, stop worrying so much about the future and live fully in the present

This lady is a mover and a shaker, with lots of different endeavors going on. She is also a caregiver for her husband who has dementia. She found herself losing compassion and getting irritated at him often, as his needs are changing quite rapidly. Oftentimes, she would find herself overwhelmed with all that needed to be done.

She is a great example of how RTT can improve your life without having some seriously traumatic background to overcome. She had already overcome an addiction decades before. Her childhood was overall very pleasant. She got along great with her family their entire lives. She had a fulfilling career and raised wonderful children. She’s also in great shape, and still regularly attends classes at the gym, and does many humanitarian projects that are quite inspiring.

What came up in her scenes were illuminating understandings of how her parents affected her beliefs, pre-session. Her father was very well-known within the community, much respected in his field. Sometimes his fame overshadowed the rest of the family. People came to expect his daughter to follow in his footsteps. That’s a lot of pressure for a young child, especially when that child doesn’t have the same skill set.

Same with her brother. He was very much a talented teenager, often praised and given accolades and awards. It made my client feel like she didn’t measure up. Of course it wasn’t the parents’ fault directly. We all do the best we can as parents, don’t we? But in giving the brother most of their attention, in comparison, my client formed beliefs that she wasn’t enough. And though her life had many great successes, she carried around that belief that she wasn’t enough, for 60 years.

Our session eradicated that belief that never served her, and changed it into a belief that she was absolutely worthy, more than enough, beautiful, talented, genius, motivated, energetic, thriving, and passionate about her life, grateful for her husband, filled with love. 

She reported an immediate transformation. It doesn’t always happen overnight, but with those clients who have a breakthrough within the session that lasts and just grows more vibrant, it’s such a glorious thing to see!