New Horizons Life Therapy

Case Study – Weight

Case Study: Female in her 70s

Issues: Weight issue, self-esteem, PTSD, guilt, motivation

Last time @ ideal weight/size/shape: Size 9-12 @ age 23. 

Trigger Foods: Pasta, Carbs, Sweets (Diabetic)

Habits to Install: Active in walking, motivation to be more social, stop emotional eating, get rid of medications for depression, diabetes, go out with partner more, feel good about self

This session was close to my heart. Here was an absolutely gorgeous elderly woman who had carried around over 60 years of pain. When we went into regression to determine where the source of these blocks came from, what was revealed was horrifying.

In the first scene she was pregnant in her 20s with her second child, standing around her MIL’s grave holding her first-born. Her sisters-in-law and husband were with her, staring at her, taunting her, talking openly about the weight she’d put on while pregnant. They said things like “Look at her, she’s so fat. She’s ugly. Our brother is handsome and can have anyone. Why would he choose her?” They laughed at her. She wanted the ground to swallow her up but she couldn’t say anything to their insults. It wasn’t proper. She felt unworthy, despicable, nasty, singled-out.

In the second scene she was 6 years old, and her uncle was attempting to molest her, his hand over her mouth, shouting at her to “shut up”. She heard the screen door slam and her father coming in, yelling and cussing at his brother-in-law to get off her. She felt nasty and dirty, her father had interrupted the uncle taking her pants off. When her mother was told about the incident she was questioned, “what did YOU do?” Said her brother wouldn’t do that. Her father called the police and had the uncle arrested. It caused discord within the families, and this 6yo thought it was all HER fault. Her own mother didn’t believe she wasn’t at fault. My client felt she had caused the molestation by being “too beautiful”.

In the third scene she was 9 years old, and another family member had her on his lap and was putting his hand up her skirt, telling her how beautiful she was, and to sit still. She froze but then jumped up in fear and ran to tell her mother. Mom’s response was “why is it always you?” and blamed the family member for being drunk, that he didn’t know what he was doing. Dad took her to get something to eat to comfort her, to cheer her up. This incident led to a divide within the families that lasted for her entire lifetime. She began to associate her father as her savior, her mother as non-protective and blaming, and food as her comfort.

Her subconscious mind at these young ages, wanting to protect her from pain, formed beliefs that if she wasn’t so attractive she wouldn’t be the victim of such harsh scrutiny, of molestation, of envy, of taunting, of abuse. 

I see this ALL the time when a woman comes to me with weight issues. The subconscious mind automatically defaults to “how can I protect her from this?” and the answer is: “I’ll make her as unattractive as possible!” So women put on extra weight and hide behind it like armor. 

I’m certainly NOT saying that ALL women who have weight issues have been molested. I had one and I haven’t been sexually assaulted. Only to say it’s been a common trend, and I perk up as soon as I hear from some lady that wants to understand why she can’t drop those extra pounds or keep them off, even if her diet is reasonable or her fitness is acceptable. 

We had an amazing session, and I saw years fall off her face as she learned to forgive her abusers and let go of resentment. As she had those lightbulb moments of understanding why she acquired and kept her issues as long as she had. She used up a lot of tissues and thanked me profusely for the transformation no one else has been able to give her, her entire life. I felt gratified, justified that I’m living my life’s purpose, my dharma! 

So I wish I could report that this client had phenomenal results and is thriving today, loving her own skin, feeling remarkably better. Unfortunately, I chose to share this case study today because I’m in my feelings. This client was someone very close to me. And she recently passed away, just a few months after having this healing session with me. I am honored that I was able to facilitate this peace for her after 60+ years of struggle. But I’m heartbroken to report that she only had a few months of this peace before she caught COVID and never left the hospital.

I’m even more heartbroken when I think of other clients like her who have carried pain around for decades. Some of my clients are in their 20s and 30s and are fortunate enough to get rid of their baggage fairly early on in their lives. But for my older clients, I just can’t imagine carrying that around for so long – entire lifetimes. I’m here to tell you that it’s NEVER too early or too late to transform your life. To rid yourself of that monkey on your back. To heal. To forgive. To LET GO.