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Like I'm sure many people are, I was a little skeptical about whether RTT would work for me, but after my session with Dr. Lindsey, I listened to the recording for 21 days, only missing two evenings, which I made up in the morning. It truly was as life-changing as she described! My situation is progressing beautifully and I attribute a large part of that to our session and my commitment to listening to the recordings. It’s pretty incredible that every part of my situation seems to reflect the things that Dr. Lindsey and I unearthed, discussed, and that she recorded for me. Dr. Lindsey, long story short, thank you, thank you, thank you! It was worth every penny and more. Now I’ll be keeping an eye out for any other issues I unearth in myself that I think need another session with you!
Dr. Lindsey is very knowledgeable about hypnosis and Rapid Transformational Therapy. She presented on hypnosis and how her work differs form other forms of therapy, including other types of hypnotherapy. The students in my Psychology classes were engaged in her presentation. I attribute that to her enthusiasm for what she does and how she can help people, which radiates from her as she talks. I'm sure it comes across as she works with clients as well.
Dr. Santellan is exceptionally insightful. Her novel methods break away from traditional boundaries of therapy and are quite impressive. She can get to the root of an issues and resolve the challenge once and for all. Plus she's just a good person. I highly recommend.
Lindsey is awesome! She knows how to help you with any life situation. She truly cares about you. Give her a call!
You can tell within the 1st few moments if a therapist is just coasting for the $ or truely trying to help. You can tell in her voice she cares about her craft and finding solutions to fix things. Can't thank her enough.
"I was suffering with long-held feelings of guilt and shame and this technique released those feelings quickly and effectively . . . I highly recommend her. She is fantastic!"
"Lindsey is good at what she does. She has an engaging personality that engenders confidence. She believes that she can help someone find their path no matter how much repair is needed. I know that because she helped me. Thank you, Lindsey!"
"My mom was wanting to see about RTT (I'm your biggest promoter right now to everyone I know)."
"Great experience with a very very special lady"

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